torrian alliance color_vibrant

The Torrian Alliance are the original inhabitants of Fabricius and are ruled by King Gregorio Derry, father of William Derry.  The capital city of Fabricius is Ontarius where the palace resides.

A peace-loving faction, they believe in the power of the stars and harness their fusion energy to advance their race. They also consider life to be a flicker in time that is governed by a higher power or deity that exists in the stars themselves.


dagmas clan color_vibrant

Outcasts from their home-world Zerish when it collided with a star centuries ago. Most of the people were given Asylum to live on Fabricius. During their time of co-habitation, wars broke out, with Dagmas Clan trying to overrun the Torrian Alliance and take over the planet during the time of the Dark Wars. A truce was finally forged when Gregorio and the Dagmas Prime Minister decided to have the William (Prince of Fabricius) and Katrina (Princess of The Dagmas Clan) wed to solidify the alliance.

The Dagmas Clan believe in the atom, science and technology as a means of true power. They also consider force as the only way to resolve conflict.


third factionvibrant

Mercenary faction nicknamed The Unit, comprised of rogue fighters and ex-military soldiers that both served and conspired during the Dark Wars to overthrow either Faction, at a price. This consortium of savages work as an equalizing force in the Red Gemini Chronicles, taking out targets and important installations for either side in order to provide a strategic advantage. The biggest claim to fame for The Third Faction came at the expense of the Torrian Alliance during the Dark Wars, when they were implicated in the assassination of the Queen of Fabricius, King Gregorio’s wife.

The Third Faction pledges no allegiance to any one Faction, but only to the compensation of the highest bidder.